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R. Brayton Bowen, SHRM Senior Certified Professional
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Strategic Positioning

Strategy and organizational effectiveness are essential to the success of any organization, but they are both very different. Strategic positioning, on the other hand, is a unique approach that integrates both strategy and organizational effectiveness in a way the serves to further differentiate an organization in its marketplace and drive success.

The Howland Group utilizes a planning process that enables clients to focus on results and the critical success factors that distinguish the desired performance of their organization from that of the competition. Planning participants are able to be fully engaged in the process without the distraction of note taking or plan writing. Clients are able to:

  • Confirm the vision and direction of the organization.
  • Understand what its mission is and is not!
  • Identify the critical success factors for their organization and the appropriate measures by which progress is to be gauged.
  • Produce a concise plan that "headlines" the dominant strategies and success measures for the organization.
  • Implement a process that serves as a key guide to the running of the organization.

One satisfied client recently remarked:

"The Howland Group’s process brought us ‘through the eye of the needle’ and it was very painful; but once we got it, it was the best thing that ever happened to us. We’ve been extremely successful as a result and are planning to sign on for the next cycle."

If you think strategic planning is the same no matter who does it; if you’re not completely happy with your organization’s share of market; if you’re looking for ways to further distinguish your business or organization, call or contact us today. You can’t afford not to.