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R. Brayton Bowen, SHRM Senior Certified Professional
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The Howland Group®

The Howland Group® is committed to helping organizations of all sizes successfully navigate the currents of change. For more than 25 years our organizational consultants have worked to turn organizational pyramids upside down. The symbol of The Howland Group® - our somersaulting triangles - signifies the process of change, as leaders become stewards at the base of an inverted pyramid supporting the transformation of human capital into enlightened forces of knowledgeable action. As a result of our work, client organizations tend to perform comparatively better than their marketplace counterparts - and they spend less time and money trying to correct regrettable people and business decisions. The Howland Group® is recognized for:

improving performance,
increasing profitability
and encouraging innovation.

The Howland Group® specializes in strategy consulting and change management. Our hallmark is Building Better Worlds of Work®. We believe optimum results are achieved by: (i) first determining the strategies that drive strategic positioning and market dominance; (ii) then linking the performance of organizational members to these key enterprise strategies; and finally, (iii) recognizing and rewarding employees in meaningful ways to maximize returns.

Our mission as consultants to the change management process is to impart knowledge and to foster independence. The Howland Group® facilitates change, but rather than making the change dependent on us, we teach organizations to manage change on an ongoing basis.

At The Howland Group® we believe that structure must support strategy. While any number of organizations engage in downsizing, outsourcing, and other management techniques to improve operational effectiveness, oftentimes structural components, such as organizational climate, leadership style, imbedded practices, and tacit beliefs are overlooked or even discounted, resulting in a loss of organizational effectiveness and the achievement of full potential. We know that downsizing and organization design involve more than numbers. They involve careful analysis and planning to ensure the primary mission of the organization is preserved and enhanced, while market positioning is optimized.

R. Brayton Bowen, AM, SHRM-SCP®, founder and managing principal of The Howland Group®, brings a unique perspective to our practice. His commitment to Building Better Worlds of Work® is shaped by more than 25 years experience in business, consulting, and leadership education. His approach to strategy formulation and change management is multi faceted and comprehensive, as he matches the skills of our consultants to client-specific needs, thereby bringing the best state of present knowledge to bear. Author of numerous works, including Engaging the Heart for People, Performance, and Profit: Seven Competencies of Compassion@Work;Recognizing and Rewarding Employees, R. Brayton Bowen, AM, SHRM-SCP® is recognized for his unique approach to developing knowledge workers and knowledgeable organizations.

Custom solutions are provided by The Howland Group® in the form of clear, precise diagnostic blueprints for change. Our experience covers a wide range of industries, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. We are experts in rethinking change and inspiring commitment. Remember to call The Howland Group®, the resource of choice:

when the Name of the Game is 

Utilizing innovative solutions designed by The Howland Group®, your organization will learn how to manage change on an ongoing basis. A representative list of our consulting services includes: